Thursday, August 29, 2013

Black or white exhibition by Hetok

Black or White from aurelien barraud on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Kvinne-kollektiv-utstilling. Feiring av Stemmerettsjubileet 1913-2013 - Stemmerettsjubileet 1913 - 2013

Kvinne-kollektiv-utstilling. Feiring av Stemmerettsjubileet 1913-2013 - Stemmerettsjubileet 1913 - 2013

Carolin Wanitzek

Carolin Wanitzek, born in 1984, lives and works as
a Communication Designer and Photographer in Mannheim, Germany. 
Since 2008 she is studying Communication Design at the University of Applied
Sciences in Mannheim. Currently she is working on her Bachelor Thesis.
She focus on diverse creative Expressions - Editorial Design,
analogue Photography and Illustration. Especially she do Illustrations of Paper.
here some work:

Olga Wald
 Cardboard dreams by Carolin Wanitzek

Julian Wolken



Thursday, January 17, 2013


THE GKRS® are iconographic beings that reflect the world wide web, they are connected together by the common “sharing” spirit, and this spirit give life to their world. More info on –

Friday, December 28, 2012

Indi Maverick

Indi Maverick, is an illustrator who shows in his work reflects the beauty of women and the very nature of animals. Likewise plays with geometric patterns which give texture and color to your drawings.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Martojaks Wayleon

Martojaks Wayleon is an artist from Malaysia creating digital illustrations and concept designs, and is heavily influenced by his fathers work of art. Currently he is the Co-founder of Designers of Asia, a community of fine artist, illustrators and digital artist in Asia. and also working on projects under INOTRI Creative and Project Freeflow. Marto knew what he wants to do for a living and currently pursuing what he believes in which is to create art.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Project Freeflow

Project Freeflow is an Art Duo founded by Martojaks (Malaysia) and Anjo Bolarda (Philippines).
Project Freeflow is more likey a showcase of their imagination and expertise combined. From the word it self Freeflow. Their goal is to promote creativity with no boundaries, limitless imagination and art experimentation through their works. Touring countries and different places to gather and explore inspiration.. They also collaborate with individuals of various mediums of artistic expression. Along side their project is Designers of Asia, a community which aims to promote Asian Art by reaching out to artist on different parts of Asia.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Taller Architecture Covachita

  • Taller Architecture 
    Design: Covachita

    The physically workshop project born from the idea of finding alternatives to land use in the city.

    A flexible structure using prefabricated construction workspace complete embedded in the landscape, a disused farm.

    This adaptability gives possibility to the project in terms of negotiation of space. Which becomes a real possibility in terms of cost and performance for much of the population.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


    Identity for communication which connects carriers by land, sea and air.
TITLE: FIRSTCLASS, (airlines, railway lines, sea voyage)

Set contains:
- 3 tickets for a shorter tour: BOAT TOUR, EUROPE, CONTINENTAL
- 3 tickets for longer tour: CRUISE FERRY, TRANS-SYBERIAN, TRANSATLANTIC + package
- identifier for the crew
- stamp

Student project executed in the studio of graphic editorial in Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts 


Projekt identyfikacji komunikacji, która łączy przewozników lądowych, morskich i powietrznych.
NAZWA: FIRSTCLASS, (airlines, railway lines, sea voyage)

Zestaw zawiera:
- 3 bilety na trasy krótkie: TOUR BOAT, EUROPE, CONTINENTAL
- 3 bilety na trasy dluzsze: CRUISE FERRY, TRANS-SYBERIAN, TRANSATLANTIC + opakowania
- projekt identyfikatora dla załogi- pieczątkę

Studencki projekt realizowany w ramach pracowni grafiki edytorskiej ASP w Gdańsku