7 Things That Will Change The Way You Look At Web Hosting Companies

The latest buzz is that cloud solutions for SME’s will see a spiraling increase by nearly 72 percent. This is good news for individuals and companies who invest their money in web hosting solutions. To make a good decision, read the Interserver hosting review that support reports on www.thenextweb.com.

Here are few things you must aware of, before zeroing in on a web host service provider.

What’s in a name? – Plenty, actually. If you are of the opinion that big names equate quality, you have to read the next sentence. All the pioneers in the field of web hosting have created a niche for their brand and are already well-established. You approach them without realizing if they suit your business requirements or not.

There have been instances where major flaws have surfaced after the company made sweet promises to the customer. It can be a case of poor customer service, poor uptime, and escalating costs.

Low price does not mean quality- Before compromising on quality, take a look at the services offered by the web hosting provider. Do they have the capacity to host a blogging site? What is the uptime percentage and if there are technical issues during peak hours, how will the provider solve them? Ask yourself these questions, and before you know, you would have made up your mind already.

It is a good idea to read third-party reviews posted on websites as companies can put information in favor of their business.

Customer care- Are you wondering how a help desk can work in favor of a brand? Experts are of the opinion that good customer services speak untold things about a brand. You can face a technical issue or queries related to troubleshooting at any time of the day. A company that offers 24/7 support creates a positive impact than a service that comes with delayed or slow responses.

Speed- A good web host provider should provide features to make the site load faster, even during peak hours of web traffic. A good uptime will result in better conversions and help the site to feature on Google’s search pages.

Security- If you are e-retailer and you do not accept customer’s payments through third-party sources, your hosting provider should provide you with SSLs. As a symbol of guarantee and authenticity, ask your web host service provider to include a Sitelock badge to gain customer’s trust.

Server upgradation- A shared hosting account is best to support a blog page with 30,000 to 45,000 monthly visitors. If you own an online store, you can expect a surge in monthly visitors as popularity increases. At this time you must find out from your concerned web host service provider if they permit server upgradation. Switch to a dedicated server that has increased disk storage, processing speed, and additional security features.

Additional Add-ons Owning a domain name is cheap and you can have more than 5 domains to your credit. To include these add-ons in your website, there should be extra hosting space. Most of the service providers permit 25 domain names in a single account. Find out more about the domain capacity from your provider to avoid waste of resources.