Why Magento 2.0 Is The Best Technology For E-commerce

Online shopping is today's trend. Online shopping has made life easier for all of us and created a huge job market. The foundation of a website of purchase lies in the technology it uses. The technology must be robust and boost scalability as its key feature. Among a lot of technologies available today Magento 2.0 is highly scalable, flexible and efficient. Magento 2.0 is easy to use technology in terms of its implementation and support. If you are looking to develop your Ecommerce site or start up an E-commerce consulting business, then Magento is for you. There is extensive Magento support available to developers. For more ideas on how to start up an ecommerce business, you can visit www.entrepreneur.com.

You must be wondering why I have been bragging about Magento 2.0. Well here it is, when it comes to an e-commerce site, it is important that multiple users can operate the system at one point in time and multiple transactions take place. This kind of functionality requires a highly efficient underlying technology. Magento offers responsiveness, scalability, and efficiency with revolutionary functionalities. Magento is built on open source and hence is highly flexible and easy to innovate. Using Magento to develop an ecommerce site promises amazing customer experience which in turn gives you customer loyalty and profitability.

The page load time for Magento 2.0 is 1.5 seconds per page and checkout process is 1.9 seconds per page. Looking at the process time, you would have understood how fast and efficient Magento is. Let us look at some of the other advantages of using Magento:

Magento has a highly scalable functionality at different levels starting from the database to the server to the caching layer. Customers will find it as easy and fast as Magento offers scalability at every point.

Open source:
Open source is the best thing today, as it allows innovation and collaboration. Magento is built on an open source and hence highly innovative, customizable and easy to collaborate. Also, the merchant can benefit from an open source technology in a way that he can control and customize the user interface.

Magento Support:
Magento developers have a strong Magento community support. This kind of community support enables innovation, creativity and exceptional talent to come together to create an exceptional experience for the end user. Magento community offers a lot of support in terms of development, testing, and collaboration too.

Magento optimizes the performance of the E-Commerce application. Magento provides a performance toolkit, which can check the performance of the application, create test scenarios and test code as and when required. Magento also boasts an increased query speed and is integrated with Varnish cache for caching of requests and pages.

Magento is integrated with leading payment software's and provides an amazing solution to quick and scalable payments. Magento is integrated with most of the major e-commerce brands because it offers highly secure payment methods.

Magento 2.0 with all its features comes off as the best technology available for e-commerce applications.